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If we knew - if we were absolutely certain the party would be over in 2026 - that a bank or an algorithm or a nation would crash the global economy… What would we do? Here and now - what would we do?


WHICH FUTURE?! is an interdisciplinary, participatory research and theatre project, dedicated to finding answers to these questions: What can we do to avert the next financial crisis, which would finally knock us off our feet for good?

Together with international scientists, artists and the audience, the four-part series of events explores the correlation between knowledge, prediction and design and tells the story of the next 10 years: from 2018 to 2028. Somewhere between agora, science fiction, math-based modelling and coincidence, we can pinpoint the story of the future. Do we at least need an idea of what the future brings, if we want to have some influnce?

The goal is to instigate a debate on our future, to leave the gridlock behind, find an exit from the permanent presence. Because unless we take action, we will continue our existence as history’s crashtest-dummies, continuously driving straight into the same wall at full speed.

The two-year project was initiated by award-winning author, film and theatre director Andres Veiel and author Jutta Doberstein. With WHICH FUTURE?! they and their team are testing new forms of participation and co-design in order to initiate a public dialogue about future societies between academic-scientific thinking and artistic interpretation.


The project is divided into four steps: laboratory, symposium, theatre play and closing conference.