Which future?! - Let them eat money

The results of the lab and the symposium flow into a play: the focus is on the question of responsibility for the events of the years 2018 to 2028.

The EU is in one of the biggest crises in its history after Italy's departure in 2022. Reason enough to counteract politically and introduce an Unconditional Basic Income in the remaining member states of the EU in 2024. But positive effect expected fails to materialise: banks are stormed, malls looted, state structures eroded. These voids are filled in by different communities and platforms: A new radical political movement kidnaps and questions those accountable. State committees frantically promise to clarify the political decision-making processes that led to the crisis. At the same time, countless new libertarian states are being set up on artificial islands beyond the 20-mile territorial state waters, which see themselves as gravediggers of traditional notions of state organization.

Is the crisis an opportunity to radically rethink democracy and the state? And who are the winners, and who the losers? In his play, based on extensive research, which Andres Veiel is writing in collaboration with Jutta Doberstein, the confrontation with contradictory designs of the future is set – independent of parliamentary terms or party interests. In whose footsteps do we tread? And which do we leave behind us?

World premiere: September 28, 2018, Deutsches Theater Berlin

Director: Andres Veiel


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